Thursday, August 28, 2014

The Way of Mothers...

 Maybe it's the way of mothers...

…to leave them over-hugged and kissed
To over-give while they insist
They really, really do not need
All this; but still we cannot heed
Their words untrained
By years and tears
Of the unexplained
As faith fights fears

…for once upon a time now far
We too dashed off with words and jars
While mother stood and watched us go
To learn the things we didn’t know
Existed yet; how swift we meet
The wherefore of love’s bittersweet

...where empty jars and echoes strew
The path as years and tears accrue
And what we thought we knew…aha
Has morphed to what our mothers saw
As they stood in the doorway where
We waved, and didn’t see the air
Bedazzled with a million parts
…the way of mothers and their hearts

© Janet Martin

She insisted that 'she’s sure she really doesn’t need ‘all this’ as I tucked extra groceries and jars of jam, salsa, fruit etc. into her bags…


  1. I came back:)
    This brings back SO many memories of when I did this with Brittany:)
    Funny how they always insist they don't need it...then somehow it disappears...
    Not that you need it...but this will give you a whole new fodder for writing:)
    Well strange but my house is quiet right now...everyone off with friends.
    I must go do that corn I brought home. Cheers.

  2. I thought of you so much as I did this, realizing I didn't give you enough hugs back then... for Melissa, I told her to consider this her day of plenty before a year of...oops four years of famine;))


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