Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Of Rivers that Rush Through the Trees

 I don't think my kids heard 'the river rushing through the trees' but I did...still it was a good, corny 'last day' before we help Melissa move tomorrow.

On some days we sip slow and deep
From rivers that run through the air
Sensing this thing we cannot keep
Rushes too fast from here to there

And on those days a reverent awe
Battles with greed of holding on
Because not long ago we saw
How swift a year is here and gone

But even in the clinging fast
We know tis foolish to resist
This filament that weaves the past
In tear and laughter mingled-mist

And so we sip with senses keened
To rivers rushing through the trees
Of moments where we live, love, learn
Before they turn to memories

© Janet Martin


  1. These photos are a perfect capture of the end of summer!

  2. ...yes, it does feel like the end.Around here the trees seem to be turning early!


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