Sunday, August 24, 2014

We Call Him Dad

One of life’s greatest blessings
In tender, countless ways
Is he who lives for others
And never asks for praise

A merciful example
Of love’s humility
He never seeks attention
Or lords authority

A friend, firm, honest, caring
His wisdom shaped by years
Of learning as he taught us
…warrior of prayer and tears

Patient and understanding
Too kind for flattery
But rather with encouragement
He spurs us faithfully

He is part of the best days
That any child ere had
And no matter how old we (or he) get
We still just call him Dad

© Janet Martin

We're getting together to celebrate my Dad's birthday. He is in good health after a heart attack and by-pass surgery this past winter. We celebrate with renewed appreciation!


  1. This is better than any Father's Day or Birthday card for a dad out there. Sweet and cute and honoring. You are blessed to have such a father! Glad he is doing well!

  2. Happy birthday to him! He is going to love that poem.



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