Thursday, August 14, 2014

Of What Will Never Be Again...

It's been a week of coming and going until today! Emily just called and I tell her I keep thinking back to last year at this time; it's the late summer smells and this cooler- MUCH-cooler-than-it-should-be-in-Augtober day making me nostalgic...

This moody mosaic of having and holding
Of loving and letting go
Of green turning gold in time’s fugitive hold
Of summer -set’s blue-bayou glow

…this hunger for something that turns into nothing
But thought’s echo-framed memory
Where triumph and failure, close-knitted forever
Jars us where nobody can see

This tumbled sky sadness and blessed-am-I gladness
Sparring in hand-head-heart dissent
Fills fingers with fervor and urgent endeavor
To shape what soon slips from Time’s tent

..and I must move slowly for I sense something holy
Filling smile and soul with sweet pain
Desire and duty weave life’s busy beauty
Of what will never be again

© Janet Martin


  1. Janet
    I am truly amazed and filled with wonder at how gifted you are in the realm of poetry writing.
    How do you ever manage to be so creative?

    This is one I love but then I love them all
    Smiles ...

  2. ...and you are always so kind and encouraging. thank-you so much!


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