Friday, December 15, 2017

Of Mixing Bowls and Manger-wonder...

 As we mixed, stirred, cooked and baked, turning what looked like chaos
... into soup, salad, cookies, cake, etc, made me think that raising families and cooking have a lot in common. 
Often it is messy, noisy, doesn't seem like a pinch of this and a dash of that is too significant but in the end it can make all the difference, the little 'dashes' add up to something far bigger!
 Stories nurture dreams, prayers and devotions teach faith and worship, singing wakens joy, reprimand teaches right from wrong, conversation teaches communication,
 compliments build confidence, and so forth...
What is in your 'mixing bowl'? (For some Delicious cooking ideas click HERE!)
and remember, its not the middle but the end result that its about so we should use lots of 'Good' stuff  for the finished product to be 'nice'!
And of course, we learn through trial and error:)
It's good for all of us to re-evaluate our 'ingredients' from time to time
What better place than kneeling at the manger?!

...where Majesty came down from Heaven
To a stable, poor and cold
...where Bethlehem was the beginning 
Of the Greatest Story told 

...where, mongst ox and lowing cattle
And the bleating of the lamb
Laid the Victor of a battle
Helpless babe clothing I AM

...where, the Star that led the wise-men
Did not lead Belief astray
But beamed faithful through the journey
To the place where Jesus lay

Where Herod could not deter Him
Though with evil scheme He tried
For the little boys who died

Where Jesus, knowing the horror
Of the road that lay ahead
Did not turn away in sorrow
But suffered(how He suffered) in our stead

Where those who first beheld his glory
Gazed at Holy Mystery
We unlike they, know the full story
First Bethlehem, then Calvary

  (God forgive us when we doubt)
You, the Author of Salvation
And Love we cannot live without

Oh, let us ever praise you, Jesus
For triumph's banner unfurled 
Where this earthy death transports us
To the Saviour of the world

Janet Martin

Aren't you glad one of the best ingredients we can put in our mixing bowl is laughter?
The boys that come after school on Thursdays have a 'rule' that all leftover lunch must be eaten before any Janet-supper may be tasted. 
I thought all three of them had their carrot-sticks chewed and swallowed, but after supper I discovered Youngest's carrots on a cozy sleigh-ride with some country-mice!!!

Guess who had a re-dessert of carrots?:)


  1. Awwwww.... the joy of little ones around especially this time of year. I see someone got one up on Janet. Hahahaha

    Love the line "singing wakens joy".

    Happy day, Janet!

    1. Hi Brenda,
      Yes, those little guys have brought lots of laughter to this household! He came with a very sheepish look when I asked whose carrots are on a sleigh-ride lol!!

      Thank-you for dropping by! Your comments are always so kind and thoughtful!


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