Monday, December 4, 2017

Unbelieveable But True!!!

We follow in
The steps of he
Who healed the sick,
Made blind to see
Who wore for our
Sakes a crown
Of thorns; and laid
His battered body down
On Calvary’s cross
To be lifted up
For all to see;
He drank the cup
That we deserved
But were spared from Because He left Heaven’s kingdom; He, equal with God,
Humbly became Flesh; Ah, Jesus Is His name, Righteousness; and because of the dark, dark
 Call He braved All who call on Him (Light of the World) will be saved
…Then do not crown Despair as king Nor let the dark Of this world blind
For from Bethlehem’s
town still rings
Messiah’s hope
For humankind
And do not grope
In mires of doubt
Or dredge the deeps
Of guilty shame
Salvation in
Glad triumph shouts
And acquits sinner’s
Through this name;
Jesus, Jesus,
Who did not grasp
His Deity
As an excuse
To Usurp God’s/Love’s
But came to earth
Goodness and truth
To fill with worth
Through His death, 

 ...we follow in the steps of He
made a way
to Him
through Him
you and me

© Janet Martin

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