Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Regarding Raising Cuties...

Oh, you make me go against my better judgment, I say as they woo me with 'Mother, may I' eyes...
...and it matters little if they are innocent

... or not 

...the heart gets caught betwixt 'ought' and 'oh well'

(all my year-long resolutions and warnings about 'not buying much this Christmas' 
are going down the annual drain;-) 
Matt laughed when I told him I'm getting much less for everyone this year.
He reminded me that I've said that every year for as long as he can remember:
A-a-a-rgh! It's true.) 
...but I justify it with getting things they need, not merely want.

You look at me and I lose sight of all my common senses
Something about your blue-eyed love undoes my best defenses
I say yes when I should say no
And I guess love will always be so
A heart-against-what head said, oh
In spite recompenses

I look at you and flippety, my heart is like a puddle
A skip-a-beat puppet, my sweet, a darling cuddle-muddle
And what I said I’d never do
I do without excuse for you
Know how to pull the wool, and woo
Well-laid will all a-fuddle

Oh, bless my soul and bless the whole wide world so full of beauty
I’m glad love makes us more than soldiers enlisted for Duty
Where pride will fall prey to its ways
And stride will fall prey to its gaze
In spite of what the hand-book says
Regarding raising cuties

© Janet Martin

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