Thursday, December 7, 2017

Of Something Underlying...

 Finally the weather has decided to give its forecasters some credibility;-) It snowed last night!

Spice of wood-smoke seasons dusk
Nip of autumn spent
Pervades breezes blue and brusque
Frost-husked filament
Flowers on a faded range
Stripped by hours bent on change

Tender is the wending way
Of Nature’s decline
White plush blankets somber gray
Cloaks stoop-shouldered vine
Tucks the ash of autumn’s flare
In a benediction prayer

Bracken bends beneath a kiss
Soft as thistledown
Swaddles springtime’s genesis
In diamond-starred gown
Crowns the crook of brook and limb
With a hallelujah hymn

Stirs a dirge in seasoned hearts
Feathers fond farewells
Though the letting go still smarts
Snow-frothed hills and dells
Work their magic in the mind
Leaving grief of leaf behind

© Janet Martin


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