Thursday, December 28, 2017

Master Maestro (#1)

Time’s age-old arrangement begets
With chimes of sunrises and sets
O’er climes of sculpted silhouettes
Etched on ether pink-gold
…a mockery of much we knew
And thought that we were privy to
Where tick by tock’s subtle ado
Turns everybody old

Darkness recedes and then the day
Bleeds colors to earth’s charcoal tray
Once heedless we caroused ‘hey-hey’
Aroused by youth’s hurrah
Glibly enthralled by sky-wide reams
Too small to hold our hopes and dreams
We lollygagged and roared through streams
That drew us to ‘aha’

...and commanded new love for life
These sands beneath our feet run rife
With lands asleep, felled by a knife
Of subtle ticks and tocks
Where They, once arrogant and loud
Fell prey to oracles, head bowed
And took their places in a crowd
Crowned by the kiss of clocks

(last verse, optional)
Come, come, soon this plain such-and such
Will strum heartstrings with tender touch
The sum of music-sheets we clutch
Succumbs to Bygone’s grave
Look, look, night fades, earth is immersed
In shades that rouse a poet’s thirst
Whereby we are both blessed and cursed
With what dust-minstrels crave

© Janet Martin

(See Master-Maestro #2 here)

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