Monday, December 4, 2017

Holy Hope-Hymn

Thou, Father of love’s fount sustains
What long should have run dry
We dredge its deep yet nothing drains

Thou, Shepherd of a foolish flock
Whose talk betrays heart’s sum
Thy fold should boast a stone-cold lock
But still You beckon, “come

Thou, Bread of life, where dread and strife
Would choke the starving soul
Save for thy grace that paid sin’s price
And aids Hope to its goal

Thou, Giver to a race unfit
That takes and takes until
Your outstretched Hand should clench its fist

Thou, Light to darkest doom unfurled
Through Thee we will endure

© Janet Martin


  1. Your faith shines through your poetry, Janet. Your words aren't just beautiful, they are powerful. Thank you.

    1. Sasha, I cherish deeply your words of encouragement because I know we all suffer rocks that make us stumble...and keep us humble.
      Thank-you for being a true friend through the struggle!
      God bless you.


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