Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Ethereal Essence

"I'm never quite sure what I feel the most,"  I remarked to Victoria last night as we decorated the tree. "gladness or sadness at the haste of another year."
All the tree-decorators have disappear but one and we both feel it...
...so we put on Charlie Brown while we decorate and forget to be sentimental for a bit;-)

...here's a bitty ditty to sentimentality

Time tumbles through blue, wind-tossed tress
Tempest of smile and tear
It shoulders grief and happiness
In days, a week, a year

Sometimes its chimes make us feel lost
And sometimes quite at ease
It stuns us with a hidden cost
Paid off in memories

It weighs us down yet lifts us up
It tweaks and tips our chins
To catch the nectar from a cup
That spills in groans and grins

It tracks across mom’s fresh-washed floors
It smudges glossy panes
Then slips through soundless, swinging doors
In ‘so long, mom’ refrains

It smells of dust and frost and mud
It tells a tale, my dear
Of flower that falls from the bud
In days, a week, a year

© Janet Martin

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