Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Elemental Evaluation

 I was going to rave about the cold til I remembered the girl I talked to on Sunday from Red Lake who used to live here and she told me one gets used to the cold unless its 30 below!
She said there's just no getting used to those temps!
But then I thought of friends quite far south of us and how they would view our weather as frigid all comes back to the elementary synopsis of how major something is 
depends on what we compare it to!

There is always someone with less
There is always someone with more
There is always someone whose happiness
Leaves someone else quite sore

So we should just be glad
With what life lends and grants
Because, ‘Have’ always turns to ‘Had’
And echoes of a dance

And we should never boast
Because there’s always those
Who laugh at us justly because
We’re standing on their toes

© Janet Martin

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