Thursday, December 7, 2017

An 'It's Winter' Poem

Note: snow-shots are from a year ago when we enjoyed a much whiter early-mid December

Landscape is pummeled with white flannel scraps
Critters are snuggled for winter-long naps
Mom and Pop shiver and eager child claps
It’s winter

Cooks  switch up salad for savory stew
Good-bye iced tea, hello, cocoa debut
Make no excuse, dip a cookie or two
It’s winter

Rosy cheeked cherubs all bundled in wool
Like little Santas fill sleds and shout ‘pull’
Tree branch is barren but wood-box is full
It’s winter

No flip-flop slip-slap; snow-steps crunch and creak
Where Old Man Winter flirts, tweaking each cheek
Home-fires welcome guests wearing sock feet
It’s winter

Pause on this painting of slumbering ilk
Earth is a haven swathed in silver silk
Take a slow stroll, sip a mug of hot milk
It’s winter

Time is a snowman too long in the sun
Fret not, my love, for what can’t be undone
Gaze at earth's quilt star-and-miracle-spun
It’s winter

© Janet Martin

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