Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Who Knows What An Hour Brings?

Swift the seamless tide of seasons
Ordained order of the earth
Falls prey to the interchanging
Changeless laws of death and birth

What is old and what is newness
Falls through fingers, ne’er held fast
Vexing us in the awareness
Of ever-impending Past

No permission sought, or pardon
Time tries green-leaf innocence
Where earth, planted like a garden
Startles us with its advance

Learning hello and good-bye, love
Fills and hollows human hearts
Tomorrow and yesterday, love
Are always Today apart

Touch Today with sacred fervor
Where the stream of seasons sings
Both hello and good-by hover
Who knows what an hour brings?

© Janet Martin

I held my uncle's hand and words failed both of us...for the hour of his wife's departure had come far more quickly than expected and such sorrow is shared without words...


  1. "Swift the seamless tide of seasons"...I love how you put that. There is nothing like the loss of a dearly loved one to make us feel the truth of it. Offering a prayer for the comfort of your family, especially your uncle, in my next breath.

    1. Thank-you. so true and so necessary....the reflection that death inevitably brings!


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