Monday, June 22, 2015

To the Lordship of Eternity

Sometimes, my lord, we tremble at the very thought of Thence
And how the vow of things to come will not keep us apart
Somewhere beyond this pond of sky-blue-eyed indifference
You wait, Formless Supremacy, to quell the human heart

…and what is man against the span of Unfathomable?
You hover, covering the imminence of what will be
With what Is; and sometimes Time’s teeny tick and tock can lull
Us to complacency, distracted by mortality

The Great Debaters challenge you; you never say a word
Your existence no one can prove, yet everyone must guess
At your vastness; some jeer at fear of you, still undeterred
You loom; we groom thought-images of baffled emptiness

My Lord, the loudness of Today cannot shut out for long
Death’s silence and Hereafter where life’s laughter and its tears
Inevitably lead to you; the On and On and On
Of ten thousand years but a day; a day ten-thousand years

© Janet Martin

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