Monday, June 15, 2015

Tip 'o the Hat to Little Touches

I finished reading the book Little Women yesterday. Here is another bit from the book that brought a smile in my 'little while' with the Marches. Jo is learning the art of Beth's housekeeping duties after Beth's death;
‘Wholesome, humble duty…little touches here and there to keep everything fresh and cozy which was the first step in making home happy'…Louisa M. Alcott in Little Women

It inspired me to see where I could create a bit of 'happy' for our home...
 peonies from the garden
pictures for the wall
pillow for the chair (Birthday gift from my sister)
poetry for the table,
flowers from the fence-line

Kind little touches do so much
 To make a house a home
 A little flower on a shelf,
A book of prose or poem
To make the reader take more care
Of his or her wee life; aware
That nothing ever stays too long
And so we splash the air with song
Or set a kettle on to boil
To pour some tea between our toil
Where all those must-be tasks soft-smile
And add the worth to our while
…and so we put a pillow here
A sprig of willow on the mirror
Or walk along the fence to find
Wild blooms that wind-song left behind,
Or sweep the porch before we set
A pot of pansies on its step
Or hang a picture on the wall
Or bake a cake knowing the small
Touches of love cheer those who come
To little things that make a home
And oft we should season the air
With words of kind comfort and prayer
And treat this gift from God with awe
That He in tender mercy saw
It fit to bless a bit of loam
With happiness that we call home

© Janet Martin

I hope you are inspired to create your own 'bit of happy'.
God bless our homes!

(This poem was written with the assumption that faith, hope and love abide,
For then what good is all the rest but painted bits of pride
Then pray the Lord our homes to be reflections of His kind mercy)


  1. You've created a beautiful home, Janet. Thank you for sharing the pictures of it.
    A lovely tribute to a lovely place.

    1. thank-you:) Yesterday was rainy and everyone was gone but Matt working at homework so I had lots of time to 'fiddle'.

  2. Love. Yup I thought of that chair when I saw the pillow:)
    thank you for the poem book.:))

    1. :) you're welcome! the chair is in the process of maybe getting a new home-room...


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