Tuesday, June 16, 2015

The Call of Pen and Ink

The call of pen and ink can kindle in the human breast
Surges of fear and doubt, of joy and want to write our best
It feeds a need to plant a seed of hope to all who trod
Toward the Awesome Ultimate when we answer to God

This epoch of existence in the skin of flesh and blood
Ere Time’s last sea is parted and its vapor twinkle snuffed
Ignites a holy urgency where pen and ink ally
To light a wick on candlesticks of paper torch held high

The call of pen and ink can seem modest; its flicker drowned
In bravado of babble that rocks outer worlds with sound
For warriors of word wear no insignia or mark
To tell of battles fought or courage taught in night’s deep dark

Still, they have wept where losses and the crosses that they bear
Though not apparent at first-glance have bent their knees in prayer
On blank-paper resistance, dogged soldiers of this sword
Have learned to brave staid silence as they wait upon the Lord

The call of pen and ink is but the medium whereby
The call of God can touch the heart and open up the eye
To He who WAS and IS and will forevermore endure
Then pray the words we lay to page are love-inspired, pure

The Awesome Ultimate invokes with purpose, every pen
To God be the full glory of the words written by men
For as we trust His Hand to commandeer our hands that brim
With humble call of pen and ink t'will be from and for Him

Janet Martin~


  1. Lovely words, especially this eloquent line: "Time’s last sea is parted and its vapor twinkle snuffed"


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