Monday, June 29, 2015

Shepherd, Healer, Father, Friend...

 We sang this song as the closing of my Aunt's funeral last oldie that never grows old!

He who fills the dark with morning
He who fine-tunes stem with bloom
He who strews the sky with heaven
And the earth with nature’s loom
He who tends Time’s wending garden
He who bends His ear to hear
He who seals the sinner’s pardon
And beholds the mourners tear
He who opens doors and shuts them
He who draws lost sheep to Him
He who lends life’s threads and cuts them
He whose love we barely skim
He who wakes from winter, summer
He who stirs from sorrow, hope
He it is who, though we suffer
Holds his hand out as we grope
He it is, who, though we wonder
He it is, who, though we weep
He it is, Friend, Healer, Father
Who His faithful watch doth keep

© Janet Martin

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