Saturday, June 13, 2015

Precious Pixels

 Moments are the pixels in life's big picture...

Moments accumulate to shape another bit of Past
From Saturday to Saturday the ethereal alloy
Of pleasure, pain, sunshine and rain; life’s grid of grief and joy
Becomes that Thing of moments strung together ever-cast

That Thing stringing together every little said-and-done
Is not some buried scepter but the nucleus from whence
The inevitable reward of choice’s recompense
Returns; reminding us the Past is never really gone

The rules we choose to break will take some time, sometimes to prove
The Reason in their reason; Saturday to Saturday
Spins something more than days of yore we scatter on our way
To harvest moments planted in some long-forgotten grove

God’s grace forgives but He does not extinguish consequence
From Saturday to Saturday mercy unfurls new fields
Where sooner then or later, by the fruit the harvest yields
We will be known; pray we are shod with God’s deliverance

© Janet Martin


  1. Janet, this is so lovely. Did you do that collage yourself? I love it.

    1. thank-you Sara! I did this collage using a recent photo folder. If you use picasa then all you do is choose 'create collage', selecting a layout style and they do the rest. super-easy and fun!


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