Thursday, June 4, 2015

How Soft a Summer's Day...

How soft a summer’s day
Can ease the light away
And tease the air with twilight where
The stars come out to play

How swift a summer’s noon
Falls prey to vesper-tune
Like the romance of love’s first glance
In a slow-dance called June

How soon a summer’s worth
Of flowers deck the earth
Where bloom succumbs and thus becomes
The full-circle of birth

How still a summer’s tears
Can seep away in years
We linger where its painted stair
Lowers and disappears

How smooth a summer's sky
Can wring an hour dry
Where whispers slip in moments drip
-ping to the by-and-by

How soft a summer’s day
Can strum a life away
Beneath a brush where eons rush
In rivers gold and gray

© Janet Martin

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