Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Glory to God For Flowers

I know I've shared lupine-peony-pansy-iris photos before but I cannot cease to marvel at the detail in each and every flower!

Glory to God for flowers
To dapple lowly bowers
And cheer the passerby with smiles
In fragrant, rainbow-showers

How awesome, petal- splendor
Earth’s delicate defender
For in the gloom of life Her bloom
Reminds us of Her Sender

…and thus sweetens care’s hour
God’s high and holy power
Harnessed within frail paper skin
And lent to us in flower

© Janet Martin

For Thou art great and doest wondrous things: Thou art God alone.
Ps.86:10 KJV


  1. Who can ever tire of the intricate delights of flowers?!
    The opening lines instantly brought to mind Gerard Manley Hopkins "Pied Beauty": " GLORY be to God for dappled things...."

    1. Maybe subconsciously his poem was stuck in my head;-) I was reading him yesterday.

      I can never get over the countless varieties, all stunning. Sometimes I like to wander through a greenhouse just to marvel at so many varieties...

  2. Isn't it a miracle that even the lowliest bower can have flowers as glorious as a queen's?

    Except for lupines--I just cannot get them to grow here!

    1. yes, and the lowliest of us an enjoy them just as richly! This morning I picked 2 bouquets; 1 of pink peonies from my garden and the other of flea-bane from a fence-line, both stunning!

      oh, I wish I could send you some lupine. i used to have trouble with them until someone told me to be sure I don't dead-head them until they've had time to re-seed because that's how they re-plant; now I have lupine volunteers all over the place...also, I'm not sure what climate they prefer.


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