Monday, June 8, 2015

Compositions of Utter Joy

Last week Melissa came home for a day, so Emily did too! When Matt and Victoria arrived after school all four siblings did a lot of catch-up talking and laughing…I snagged its ‘becoming-rarer-these-days’ canticle to meld into a memory-melody…Today Emily (on far right) is celebrating her birthday and I am celebrating 23 years of motherhood;-)

Oh, play those plush-brushed keys of memories soft, sweet and slow
For Time composes melodies unrivaled in its flow
Run suave and velvet fingers over echoes lingering
Like epitaphs upon life’s paths of morn-to-evening

Oh, touch the strings of heart-soul things; a blue-gold violin
Unleashing strains of yester-rains and time’s unruly grin
As we retrace expended grace, for living’s pace is such
That in its rush we tender much to its unyielding clutch

Oh, sing once more that lovely chorus rich with what once was
And blend upon mute moment-spawn a tempo of applause
That God saw fit to bless a bit of time’s tick-tock alloy
With memories that compose melodies of utter joy

© Janet Martin


  1. Everyone looks so happy :-)

    Happy birthday to Emily, and a very happy day to the proud mom Janet!

    A wonderful post, as always.

    1. it was short but oh, so sweet!

      One of the little guys I babysit has a birthday today as well, so Emily is meeting us for a surprise little after-school party. Yesterday I turned 49 and spent the day celebrating my brother's 50th birthday ;-0. June is birthday month in our family!

    2. Happy Birthday, Janet!

      You know what I did today? "Jab-Cross!" (that's how my family all call Jillian's DVD) - one of the many ways you're an inspiration.

      Best wishes to you and yours.

    3. I'm clapping for you!! I did her kettle-bell one today after a week of 'too busy for Jillian' and I felt every bit of 49 ;-(

      Thank YOU for the wishes and for the countless ways you inspire me, most of all to be brave enough to write and share!


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