Monday, June 29, 2015

Already Fading the first official day of summer vacation

I began writing this earlier before interruptions drew the beginning of the beginning past middle-day...

I do not want to forget you
The way you teased the air
With song of bird and daylight stirred
From midnight’s onyx stare

Or how you bent to wake me,
Your whisper played the grass
A violin; your slow half-grin
Like lover to his lass

Oh, I want to remember
Your summer-azure eyes
Fraught with allure and passion pure
As Eden’s paradise

And I don’t want to render
To voracious Past
Sensations of youth and first love
Already fading fast

Oh, let me lean into you
Like trees against the sky
And let the breeze my want acquiesce
Its mentor-ship, a sigh

I want to keep forever
The ‘skip-a-heartbeat’ bliss
And savor slow the hold-let-go
Of noon’s shade-dappled kiss

And I don’t want to suffer
The waning of your thrill
Or the romance of our first dance
…but I know I will

© Janet Martin

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