Monday, May 11, 2015

Thought-scape Shaper

This new day through Time’s gold-grey-blue
Will not escape our Keepers view
Its high and low and in-between
Shapes the thought-scape with what has been

The morrow and the yesterday
Align the time we call today
Today is all we ever have
Wherein life’s constant care we brave

But we are not alone, oh no
Life’s in-between and high and low
As time bleeds out its sundry ways
Never escapes our Keeper’s gaze

From bud to bloom to scattered plume
Today is mankind's living-room
But in its awesome rise and fall
Evolves the thought-scape of it all

© Janet Martin

What absorbs your thought; the past, the future or the present? Soon the future is the past, but it is always shaped in the present.

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