Saturday, May 23, 2015

The Person that We Are...

I can almost here our bare feet splashing through the dust, dashing from beyond the tree-line in the photo below,  to the top of this hill to get a closer count of the freight train cars, then ambling back the way we came, arguing about how many there were...Those children and that railway are long gone.(back then this road was silky dust in the sun and slippery mud in the rain before it became a graveled and busier through-way for farmers.)
Was it not farther than this?! 
I feel like a stranger standing on the echoes of Then. It seemed like a world away when mother's permission allowed us to 'walk to the little tree or the creek,(it still sleeps in that dip) for the best peanut-butter and soda-cracker picnics known to little girls:)

We come from where we’ve been
And whether near or far
Life shapes through what we’ve done and seen
The person that we are

The person that we are
Is ever subject to
The highs and lows that jive and spar
To shape our points of view

To shape our point-of-views
We draw from difference
For I have never worn your shoes
Or your experience

For your experience
And mine, the done-and-seen
Patterns pursuit and consequence
We come from where we’ve been

We come from where we’ve been
And where we’ve been thus far
Creates from life’s gray-gold-blue-green
The person that we are

© Janet Martin

…but no matter where we’ve been, we began in the hands of our Creator and we will end in the hand of our Creator. 
This little ‘in-between’ shaping the person that we are, is never very far from Him. 
God’s love for all of us is our common birthmark, for from Him, through Him and for Him are all things.To him be the glory forever! Amen.

What you see of me is the shape of my skin
God and me see the person within
No matter what happens, He is never far
From the becoming of who we are 

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