Friday, May 1, 2015

Ready When...

Someday t’will not be ‘he’ or ‘she’
That passes from Time’s Here to There
Someday it will be you or me
Plucked from this mortal thoroughfare
Oh, pray that we are ready when
God calls us from earth’s sons of men

Someday t’will not be ‘them’ and ‘they’
Witnessing life’s Great Mystery
Where death unveils That Untold Way
Someday it will be you and me
Called from the smallness of Time’s Here
Where There will never disappear

Someday, to the blue vaulted dome
Our eyes will close, as we pass through
Because a Father called out, ‘Come’
Someday it will be me or you
Oh, pray before life’s last amen
We know that we are ready when...

© Janet Martin

This morning Arnold who turned 50 exactly a month ago,(see this post for more) heard the call 'come' and he went. Rest in peace, Arnold.Your suffering is done, the battle won. Hallelujah!


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