Friday, May 22, 2015

Love Now!

Love now, for who knows how many todays we still have left
Before we bow our heads to mourn upon a grave, bereft

Love now; there is no guarantee beyond it save this, death
Thus we should love each other with each precious, gifted breath

Love now, do not hold back what we are able to out-pour
For even now death comes a-stealing to somebody’s door

Love now, tomorrow might be too late to state the unsaid
When all that we have left of love are memories we’ve made

© Janet Martin

My mother-in-law lost a dear friend and neighbor today; a mother, grandmother, great-grandmother. She touched oh, so many lives in her lifetime and will be dearly missed. We should look around and love now for now is all we have. 
I remember my Grandmother often cautioning her grandchildren 'the old will die but the young can die' reminding us to value life and love and to be ready when That Last Awesome Call comes. 


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