Wednesday, May 13, 2015

In the Middle of a Beautiful May Day

 Every baby-sitting day for the past bit, Little Guy (he has just learned to chatter;) will say in his two-year-old way-too-cute-way, regardless of the weather, 'it's a nice, nice day!'

Come; take the afternoon off just to tease
Buttercup belles bobbing in blithesome breeze
Come; linger long at the bend in the brook
Just to be stirred by the song in its crook
Come; dare to dream the whole green day away
Without excuses but this; it is May

Come, walk out to the blue line where the sky
Curves to the verve of earth’s most verdant cry
Then on our way to the top of the hill
We’ll pause to watch the woodland giddy, spill
Bloom to the bark that was barren and dark
Where gales raged grim through tresses stiff and stark

We’ll plan to purchase with naught but a smile
Duty’s permission to play for a while
Play in spring’s lusty elixir of dirt
Play where a summer of flower-streams flirt
Play ‘neath a dome of azure endlessness
Revel in hope’s sun-flavored happiness

Come where the lark-lilt festoons friendly air
Nature is a flawless show; earth a chair
Come, pause care’s bubble of trouble a bit
Feel the freedom of self-forgiveness; sit
Right in the middle of Beautiful Day
Then thank the Lord for winter’s reward; May

© Janet Martin


  1. I love these photos and the picnic in the field. Your poem aptly describes this month of May and it's spring newness. Enjoy. Pam

    1. Thank-you. we are enjoying but its a bit of a roller-coaster lately. Today was COLD and tonight will be 0Celsius after a week of high 20's feeling like 30C something with humidity!

  2. Oh it is a nice, nice day! Lovely out there this morning with its summer-like blue skies and green leaves popping out everywhere with joy.

    Such lovely photos -- like the one of your yellow cushion spurge.

  3. Thank-you:0 May colors sure do pop and today is back to warmer temps. as well so maybe that's why it was easy to write a dance-and-clap poem today:)


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