Tuesday, May 12, 2015

How Swift and Smooth The Song

 I keenly felt the friendship of farewell even as I dearly held fond moments on Mother's Day morning...But,with change come lovely new firsts; I didn't cook this year. Rob and Emily did:)
Melissa FB'd a very special card.

How swift and smooth the notes of life and love weave into song
It drifts upon the vesper where blue shadows scrawl upon
Time waiting like a stanza still unwritten while it pens
Tempo of tears and laughter into fond Remember Whens

The harmony of having held melds with our present tense
Where letting go and holding blend in stunning dissonance
Aha, tomorrow slips to yesterday; Today’s baton
Moves to the music from the lips that drip with dusk and dawn

Holy, holy, the melody composed by dark and light
In rising, falling concord of good-morning and good-night
Spills oft, thought-soft, as sudden music of a memory
Moves smiles through tears where years have wended, penning poetry

How swift and smooth the ever-after seals within its keep
The sheet-music of middle-May and apple-blossom sweep
Where ‘now I lay me down to sleep’ and rise and shine’ compete
Like Maestros while an orchestra plays life’s song, bittersweet

© Janet Martin

...of fond farewell songs. We all have one, don't we?

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