Thursday, May 14, 2015

Before Tomorrow is Today...

I'm re-posting the quote that Cyndy in Montana posted this morning. Find out where she found it and how it inspired her here.

Perhaps when you have slipped from me
To that Yon echo-laden trove
Then you might be the memory
For which I pine with homesick love

Therefore I cannot stand too long
To stare at what once was, because
Then I might miss this moment-song
Spiraling without lull or pause

Pray that I am amazed, half-crazed
With hunger, not for what has been
But, for that which spills in Todays
And middle-Mays all new-born green

Then when you fade in dusk darkness
And I should turn to glance, perhaps
With humble wonder at what was
I hope my heart dances and claps

© Janet Martin

Before Tomorrow is Today
Let’s get out there and make a
dancing, clapping memory!

Crank up the volume and sing like you mean...your life-song, that is;-)


  1. What fun... to think about making a dancing, clapping memory before tomorrow becomes today.

    Janet, I was browsing through some old post of mine and I came across a comment of yours -- the day you said the dots connected and you realized I was the BL of FellowScript. Made me smile again.

    Wishing you a beautiful day...

  2. oh yes! I remember that day when two Brenda's became one!! lol.

    Isn't the new issue of Fellowscript filled with great articles?! I esp. appreciated Violet Nesdoly's article on the poet and poetry and what to do with it, where and how to share, etc.

  3. Perfect timing for Ivan Doig's memory quote lining up with your musings.
    And aptly paired with bleeding hearts, which are always nostalgic - I think every gardening grandma had one.
    Thanks for the mention/link, and for another gathering of word treasures - 'moment-song' is my favourite in today's poem.

    1. Your post was the spring-board to mine! thank-you...and you're welcome. You've been sharing some spectacular shots of late!


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