Friday, August 8, 2014

Prelude to Summer's Swansong

The lamplight circle is full of flowers
But oh, I know its glow
Will soon relinquish summer’s hours
To leaf-tempests, then snow

The heart of a dreamer is full of summer
But oh, something tells me
A swansong waits to fill a stage
Where summer used to be

The night tiptoes in where daylight is laughing
But oh, he comes so soon
While we are busy autographing

Come, my darling, let’s dance ere the curtain
Falls and this season is past
I’m not a prophet, but I am quite certain
Nothing this good can last

© Janet Martin

We are having such a beautiful 'Goldilocks' summer...not too cold and not too hot...just right!

Since the boys I babysit are on a week of vacation it was a good time to tackle lots of jobs! Yesterday while working in the garden I noticed this sunflower among its deeper-hued peers. We are enjoying it as a center-piece...

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