Saturday, August 16, 2014

After the Darling Day...

After the darling day has borne its due
To add another patch to Time’s worn coat
Its gossamer embossed against a hue
Of sentimental blue where echoes gloat
We gaze across a haze of yesterdays
Exhuming graves beneath a brush of thought
Time softens imperfections with love’s glaze
As we forgive distresses best forgot
Then how beloved that landscape reappears
In sudden images of yesteryears

The innocence of childhood, swift and sweet
Spawns lithesome laughter to delight our day
Too soon the deeper shades of life compete
To steal the carefree lad or lass away
Yet, we would not rob them of living’s joy
To dream and reach, to reach and dream want-wild
For oh, there’s nothing like a girl or boy
To draw our thought to when we were a child
It stirs within the soul soft, sudden tears
With panoramic scenes of yesteryears

Shoulder to shoulder ever older we
Begin to empathize with patriarchs
Exclaiming at a season’s subtlety
Tasting the essence of age-old remarks
While deep cornflower blue closes the sky
And starlight way up high tugs at our throat
For we know it is foolhardy to try
To unravel time’s tried and tattered coat
…the last tree on the skyline disappears
Stitching another patch to yesteryears

© Janet Martin

Babysitting three busy boys this summer keeps me on the run and laughing...

Boy: Janet, why is a tractor magic?
Janet, after thinking a few moments; Why?
Boy; Because it can drive down a road and turn into a field!

My mother entertained her granddaughters today. When I went to pick up Victoria it reminded me of my 'Grandma-visits'! Esp. when Mom/Grandma passed out jellybeans;) 
My Grandmother Martin kept a covered candy-bowl on her buffet. I loved to peek into it when she wasn't watching, knowing that somewhere along the day we would be invited to sample its goodies!

Oh, sweet yesteryears...

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