Saturday, July 17, 2021

Summer Siesta


A bit of sun and sand and sea

And being lulled by lap of lake

And chilling out with family

A bit of memories to make

In the kind company of love

And laughter’s sweet and sanguine wage

And losing count of places lived

Vicariously in turn of page

And coffees sipped unhurriedly

And vines designed by scrabble-tiles

And walks without a destiny

Along the beach, through wooded isles

A bit of gently losing touch

A ‘sit’ at the end of the dock

A lot of BBQ and such

And never looking at a clock

And ever being mindful of

The changes that each year imparts

And cherishing life’s gifts of love

And thanking God with humble hearts


© Janet Martin

Sea you in a week or two😎😊! 


  1. Lovely poem, and the blog and pics are great. I'll be back, and I'd like to add your site to my blogroll/sites I follow. Have a great day!

    1. Thank-you! I am honored by your visit and comment!
      Looking forward to reading your poetry as well.


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