Thursday, July 29, 2021

Momentous Joy

My heart melted with joy
as I hosted my first guests in the new garden nook today😊💗
And the conversation was second to none!
Such as; what they will be when they grow up!
One is going to take over the home-farm 
and become a vet so they will never need to pay a vet again!
One is going to be a dietician like her mother
and one is going to be a ballerina
(guess which one is going to be the ballerina😍)
Wow! How I love these gals💕

a moment's joy is plenty as it fills our present cup
and drips in friendly cadence to the heart-shape we hold up

from love's big tea-pot tipping somewhere out of reach and sight
a moment's joy fills the mundane with sunshine-steeped delight

a kind reward to whispers poured from Learning's broken jar
a moment's joy makes beautiful exactly where we are

Janet Martin~

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