Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Eden's Shadow or Enchanted By Glimpses...

I finally have a garden bench!
(After 'rescuing' a dilapidated wicker bench
on a Sunday afternoon drive
from a backroad ditch.)
Nothing that a quilt and cushion
 and a few strings to bind sags
couldn't fix!
A person can get downright comfy in a garden corner
at the end of a busy day!😊

The place where Eden’s shadow falls 
is framed in friendly hollyhocks
Sunflowers deck its bower-walls; 
breeze-batons tease bean-vines, corn stalks
Love’s toil is sweet where spoil of seeds 
enchants us with glimpses of He
Who smiles, while stunning us indeed
with isles of creativity

The place where Eden’s shadow lies 
is crowned with skies, cerulean
Its glints and hints of paradise
unbound in nature's diadem
Where garden dirt is mined for treasure 
carrot-orange and beet-red
A gratifying kind of pleasure; 
hand of God and mortal wed 

The place where Eden’s shadow spans 
is cursed with pestilence and pain
Unlike the first garden where man, 
because of sin could not remain
But still, the beauty of the Lord 
is poured through gourd-pod-plumed goodness
Where duty reaps a rich reward 
of culinary happiness

The place where Eden’s shadow waits 
to fling ajar gates that God sealed
Grants glimpses on heaped dinner plates 
as we give thanks for harvest-yield
For mercy’s lavish 'let there be' 
As you and I with hope and hurt
Touch the hemline of Majesty 
through windows set in garden dirt

© Janet Martin



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