Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Look At Me!

Look at me! Look at me! they call, countless times a day, eager to impress their care-giver!
Oh, imagine if we did that to our Caregiver who is always watching over us
even though we cannot see Him!
(We/ I tend to plead the opposite, embarrassed/ guilty at our/my often less-than-eager efforts)

Imagine if we lived for our Creator with this mindset...

Look at me! look at me
Did you see? did you see?
How I gave willingly, without bound
How I put others first
Rather than, self-immersed
Paid no heed to the need all around

Look at me! Look at me
Did you see? did you see?
How, without jealousy I rejoiced
In the great happiness
Of another's success 
Leaving my disappointments unvoiced

Look at me! look at me!
Did you see? Did you see?
How I walked second miles for the weak
How, in the face of spite
I did not choose to smite
My opponent, but turned the other cheek

How, not stubborn and proud
I submissively bowed
 Beneath Mercy's Higher Command
Trusting Your promises
Rather than fuss and stress
Over ways I do not understand

Look at me! look at me!
I'm a sinner set freed
From the debt that I owed but You paid
Now all I want to do
Is love and honour You
In this beautiful day you have made

Oh, imagine if we
With true humility
Loved each other, how happy our cries,
'Look at me, look at me
Did you see? did you see
It is You that my life glorifies'

Janet Martin

 Let your light so shine before men, 
that they may see your good works 
and glorify your Father in heaven.

This constant contest of trying to 'shine the brightest'
reminds me how we are all created differently
with unique gifts and strengths
to allow all of us to shine the brightest
with the light God has instilled.

Let's try to twist ourselves inside out
with goodness for God's glory!
Because all goodness is but a reflection of You, oh God!


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