Monday, July 5, 2021

Memory Apart

Our grand-children were delighted to see
some places where grandma spent many delightful girlhood hours,
like the creek...

Some things never change, like the thrill of stone-chucking
to see the splash...

or the euphoria of the sense of adventure
 (even if it was just running as fast as little legs can to
collect unique mud-chips from a dried up puddle
to toss in the water)💗

Now to w-a-a-a-y back when suddenly seemed just a sparkle or three apart!

When we take a photo
When we pen a rhyme
We are saving echoes
In the march of Time

When we dish out dinner
Do it thankfully
Time is growing thinner
With each memory

So much up on offer
To perplex and please
Treasures in a coffer
Full of memories

When we touch the tarmac
Of a newborn day
Live as if love is a
Memory away

Live with kind intention
Love with tender heart
Now to then is just a
Memory apart

© Janet Martin


  1. What a special outing! I hope you got to do some stone-chucking and mud-chips collecting too! I used to be fascinated by those dried-up cracked mud-puddles too, your poem made me remember that! "When we touch the tarmac
    Of a newborn day" - love the image, Janet.

    1. Thank-you<# it melts my heart to see them discovering and delighting in those olden thrills! oh yes, gramma will always be a bit of a child at heart:) They preferred if gramma collected then put the treasures in their hands to chuck!

    2. And the landscape is again so "Russian" - it really is so similar. And I can just hear the sound a bike, or car tires make on this road - I wish I could jump into the photos :)

    3. Canadian landscape, I think is quite 'Russian' in some areas. Yes! We drove with the windows down,(we had Jim's pick-up) the crunch of gravel and the heady aroma of dew and dust exactly like it was when I was their size. Kinda comforting in the crazy world. One difference; when we rode back the side-road with dad to look at crops etc. a little older than these two, we stuck our heads out of the window and let the wind wallop our brains. lol!


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