Thursday, July 8, 2021

Of This

Love enjoys and endures life's utter contrasts;
 utter joy and wonder
utter chaos and care...

Below are a few utter joy moments...
(The chaos ones usually involve me with a mop, wash-cloth,
broom etc. rather than camera in hand)😅

True puppy love...

Budding Artists...

The end will come of This;
This gift and groan of prayer
Love’s laughter and the traitor’s kiss
Will fade into thin air

This leap of live and learn
This thud of high to low
This day-by-daily no-return
Of grace whereby we go

This cross of loss and gain
This toss twixt dust-to-dust
This awesome albatross of pain
And pleasure, fear and trust

This sacred metronome
Of ever-dwindling day
This happy-sad of home-sweet-home
This brunt of gold-blue-gray

This innocence soon lost
Where time does not stand still
As hope begins to count the cost
Of growing older till...

The end will come of This;
This on and upward climb
This test of love and faithfulness
Till God replaces Time

© Janet Martin

Be very careful, then, how you live—
not as unwise but as wise,

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