Friday, July 16, 2021

Book of Qualms/Psalms

It's been a week where I have shed tears of deep disappointment and sweet joy!
A week of weariness mingled with heart-melting meek wonder!

Do you think the reason we love the book of Psalms so much is because
it is an outpouring from highest highs and lowest lows?
A book of agony and assurance!
confession and courage!
wonder and worship!
heartache and hope!
A book so relevant to today's qualms as we
compose our own psalms of anguish and awe!

Cries of anguish, hope and awe
Tears and prayers of joy and grief
Conscriptions of grace and law
Where the Word of God is chief

Groaning on damnation’s brink
When temptation stakes its claim
Wonder too profound for ink
As creation shouts His name

Clashes where doubt’s demons war
Confession, again, again
Worship without wanting more
Than God’s promises, amen

Fear and faith at constant odds
Fight or turn the other cheek
‘Thou shalt have no others gods’
Spirit willing, flesh so weak

Highest highs and lowest lows
Composing heart’s humble cry
On my knees or tippy-toes
‘By the grace of God go I’

© Janet Martin

A few go to fav-chapters...
too many to list all!

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