Friday, June 25, 2021

Best-Of-All Blessings

This poem was inspired by the flood of loving grad photos on social-media
from proud moms and dads...
One photo esp. inspired this poem as I stared at the tall, handsome, young man,
and seems, was the size of the tots in the photos below not so long ago.

Reminds us to cherish the Here and Now,
the 'noisy joys of girls and boys' 💗
which filled the morning at Janet's/Grandma's house

They start so small;
life's best-of-all-blessings...

The momentum of to...

...and from, is subtle in its tugs

They start so small
Life’s ‘best-of-all-
Blessing' fills arms and hearts
The noisy joys
Of girls and boys
One of love’s sweetest parts

…while sparkling streams
Of hopes and dreams
Become the tender tide
Of smiles and tears
And days and years
That draw them from our side

The momentum
Of to-and-from
Is subtle in its tugs
As moments meld
To seasons felled
Beneath kisses and hugs

Time’s stellar flight
Of morn to night
Turns little people tall
While ‘I love you’
Fashions the flue
Through which youth's contrails fall

And keens us to
An avenue
Trampled, but not with feet
Where blessings of
Life’s best part; love
Makes thankfulness complete
© Janet Martin

And walk in love, as Christ also has loved us...

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