Friday, August 31, 2018

Always on the Verge...

 Boi-oing-oing-oing! (sound of my heart returning to my chest)

"come on guys, come and get your kiss and hug from Janet"
yelled Youngest yesterday to her 2 siblings when they prepared to leave!
(she is off to school next week thus ending another child-care 'era')
It's been quite a farewell season...3 families, maybe 4!
(one family has been part of ours for over 8 years) done with daycare! more 'Thursday-boys' except here and there for old time's sake!)

Thank God love is not dictated by the geography of miles/years...
These guys will always be 'my other boys'!
We all vow to keep in touch(where we all know balancing Busyness can be a full-time job!)
 but friendships have been forged 
and the tug of love will draw us together where the law of life pulls apart!

It seems that we are always on the onset of farewells
Always poised on fresh fringes of dusk’s dirge and tolling bells
Always almost at gateways to impenetrable Past
Always a hand-wave, hug and tear, near what can never last

It seems that we are always on the verge of letting go
Arms wrapped around a moment full of Mercy’s overflow
Where good and ill will never have its fill; learning’s aha
Always finds new ways to extol life’s oldest, changeless law

Sometimes we dress our tears in smiles; to cry we try to laugh
When Time insists upon a fresh-kissed Final Autograph
Where it seems we are always never ready for the seal
On that which none can keep on memories that none can steal

© Janet Martin

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