Saturday, June 19, 2021

A June Jingle

A glimpse at bits of inspiration for today's poem

As she sees in each petaled star the way time disappears...

June flutters by like a butterfly on wings of gossamer/go-summer
A dashing smile of chamomile and pink peony blur
It tinges views with silver blue of distant mist-kissed green
And tests the thrill of what yet is with will of what has been

This month of months blushes with blooms, the belle at nature’s ball
Enticing us to linger where its limber shadows fall
Where longing and surrender spar like Woman wearing years
As she sees in each petaled star the way time disappears

June sweeps through morning, noon and night as spring becomes summer
And it seems that we never quite get quite enough of her
Where she climbs trellis, fences, gates; delightful, verdant vine
Oblivious to ever-zealous appetites of Time

June slips between the sheen of green glory of woodland tress
Her laughter spills and rolls down hills in daisy-happiness
She strums the breeze with melodies we never weary of
While, for a while we all grow younger and all fall in love

June sparkles in rain-dazzled rose, and in strawberry pie
It glimmers where the cornfield grows and flows out to the sky
It dances through the garden where both plants and children thrive
And makes even the hardened grumbler glad to be alive

June is a gift-table brimming with beauty of the earth
Where we are all invited to partake of wonder’s worth
The hollyhock is cobbled with buds primed with perfect pink
Methinks June is a fountainpen suffused with flower-ink

Then let’s bury our faces in its perfect poetry
And marvel at the perfumed pages of bloom-balladry
Let’s let its lyrics tickle tips of noses, lips and chins
Before summer’s slow, subtle, certain unrav’ling begins

© Janet Martin

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