Thursday, June 3, 2021

That's Marriage, Ladies and Gentlemen

 Celebrating thirty-three years of 'us'!
Photo credit: Brittany Ruppert

Just rings (9:30 p.m.)
Me; Hello?
Him; what are you doing? Why haven't you called yet?
Me; I'm trying to finish writing something for our thirty-third anniversary.
but WOW, it's really hard work at night with an old, tired head...
Him; oh good! I thought maybe you weren't going to do one this year!

Yes, he looks forward to seeing a daily blog-post even if he is not really a fan of poetry
(Jim, for those who don't know us is a truck-driver)
Knowing he appreciates it always helps to motivate me to at least try
 on days when it's really hard to squeeze it in...
(first stanza is inspired by a scene last Friday
and every. single. other. niece or nephew wedding. ever.!!!!)😅

We’re getting pretty good at it, he and I
I button his shirt while he fixes his tie
He steps into shoes I have placed at his feet
‘Getting ready for a wedding’ just hit repeat
Because for some reason there is always a delay
Come date-to-be-home-for-someone’s-wedding-day
He calls from the truck ‘run the water, dear
If you give me five minutes, we should be near-
Ly ready to go (wedding starts in ten)
That’s marriage, ladies and gentlemen

‘For better or worse’ no matter what shape or size
Something will shadow/shatter the stars in love’s eyes
Sooner or later, we are bound to find out
What marriage vows are really all about
After the honeymoon (or on it?) when patience is tried
When love startles us with its less polished side
When words are tested with mettle of will
When love seems lacking its fire and thrill
It’s time to make time for each other again
That’s marriage, ladies and gentlemen

This is forever, ‘till death do us part’
Where no one can sever what God joins in heart
For as we commit to be faithful and true
He ties a knot only He can undo
To love and to cherish, a most sacred oath
That takes the full faith and commitment of both
And trusting that what we will need, God will give
In keeping our promise as long as we live
As we renew love’s vows again and again
That’s marriage, ladies and gentlemen

© Janet Martin

I made the poster below when I was 16 or 17.
 (yeah, we were young 'uns when we started)
See our names down the side???😍


The Ten Commandments for Married Couples 
was given to us on our 10th Anniversary from my parents


  1. Happy anniversary! "A love that's true must be a love that's tried" -
    pretty deep for a sixteen-seventeen-year-old! I have a question please: what, or rather, who is a 'un? :)

    1. Thank-you Sasha! yes! those were deep lines that I was taught by my elders, but I was completely untaught in the reality of their meaning, as yet!! We were 'young'uns'/children haha, really when we started dating. He says I chased him until he got tired of running and said okay, you win! And on most days he's says he's happy he did (except when I drive him crazy because of how opposite we are;-/ lol!)

    2. I figured that meant kids, but I'd neve seen this word before, now I know :)

    3. <3 kind of a slang expression:)

  2. Loved today's post. I love that he was waiting for your anniversary poem to post. Beautiful photo of you two. The 10 commandments your parents gave you - good rules to follow. Happy Anniversary!

    1. thank-you Brenda<3 Jim has a love/hate relationship with my writing! (and with good reason) I treasure that Ten commandments poster! We are never too old to be reminded and to work at maintaining good/healthy marriage!


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