Wednesday, June 23, 2021

June Is Like a Poem


Some sweet June-stanzas already savoured today...💗💗😊

June is like a poem waiting to be reined
Earth a-throb with lyrics spilling unrestrained
Woodland, field and garden sparkle, pulse and brim
Filling hills and hearts and dells with nature’s hymn

June is like a poem written without ink
Filling loose-leaf pages with gold-orange-pink
From sunup to sundown stanzas dance and drip
Land and welkin burgeon with God’s penmanship

June is like a poem, summer-warm and sweet
Spilling like a love-song to earth’s music-sheet
From daisy-decanter, through leaf-canopies
Snared in barefoot banter, sighing on the breeze

June is like a poem waiting to be read
Wonderfully woven with botanic thread
Luring us with lyrics’ gleaming, teeming sheen
From the lily-lantern and fields silver-green

June is like a poem people cannot write
Lesser poets grapple with its pure delight
Delving into inkwells, dew and raindrop pearled
June is like a poem from God to the world

© Janet Martin

From the lily-lantern

and fields silver-green...

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