Wednesday, June 2, 2021

When The World Is Full of June

 Twilight perches upon a dew and dust kissed pedestal...

The earth runs green with majesty of not yet sun-scorched grass
The sky is like a sweep of deep blue sea where cloud-ships pass
The garden is a wonder-world unfurled in flower-flares
And draws even the atheist to worship unawares

The countryside is like an errant splash of paradise
A free-for-all buffet where we may come and feast our eyes
On regal iris, courtly lupine, ruffled peony
To revel, nature-wealthy in June’s lap of luxury

We sense friendships rekindled with graces that we expect
Like hymns of feathered minstrels from limbs sun and shadowed-decked
Like the lush, rush of rivers that we hear but no one sees
As sweet and sassy zephyrs ripple through leaf-canopies

The parks are dotted with bobbing balloons with legs and arms
Chased by larger, slower balloons sounding caution’s alarms
Where picnics become anything but dreamy; yet its mess
Still has a funny way of turning into happiness

The river-bank is flanked with fishermen and fav’rite brews
Where some come to be young again and some to sit and snooze
And some to read and some to glean a poem-gem (or five)
And some who want for nothing, just content to be alive

The fields flaunt faith’s first answers; farmers pray for no late frost
Porches boast perfect planters, not yet to neglect’s ‘oops’ lost
The lily-chalice spills its port to butterflies and bees
As moments sparkle and cavort through almost-memories

Twilight perches upon a dew and dust kissed pedestal
A masterpiece that lingers longer on earth’s westward sill
So then we linger longer too, enchanted by a tune
That never fails to thrill us when the world is full of June

© Janet Martin

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