Monday, June 14, 2021

Life's Little Ways...

Yesterday our pastor asked me if I have any poems in the works 
and I am always caught completely off-guard when someone refers to that topic 
and I think I stuttered something about
 'usually I have something in the works because its just the way I 'tick' or process life',.
(I wish I was witty and could have thought of something to say like,
 'do you have any sermons in the works?',
 but on second thought, that might come off as a bit smart-alecky...sigh. here I go,
 second-guessing and over-thinking. Two of my main weaknesses) 
I then added, referring to his message that I just got a lot more to process
.(I didn't add, 'hopefully into poetry', but it's what I partly hoped God would allow. 
Poems turn lessons I might otherwise forget into keepsakes.
One of his points in yesterday's message was
 'whose agenda are we/am I focused on, mine or God's?' 
 It ties in well with a book I just started reading by Andrew Peterson entitled, 
Adorning the Dark...
The writer challenges us to 'seek first the kingdom of God' not
only in everyday life but also especially when it comes 
to the creative part of our being such as writing.

Life lends us lots of little ways to prove who we love most
The Giver of our numbered days tests desire and boast
Where godliness/holiness and gratitude/attitude must war against the flesh
Lest passions, sly and unsubdued inveigle and enmesh

How wily is the voice of Want; it beckons and beguiles
How subtle the silver-tongued taunt that first thrills, then defiles
How careful, prayerful we should weigh ambition’s catalyst
The tempter sweetly stalks his prey with poison, sugar-kissed

Life lends us lots of little ways to learn what it would teach
Mercy heaps morning’s gleaming trays, no one beyond His reach
He is a gracious God of love to we, accountable
For all the little ways we prove who we love most of all

© Janet Martin

Seek ye first
the kingdom of God
and His righteousness
and all these things
shall be added
unto you.

Every day God shows us in so many little ways 
how much he loves us
Oh, may the same be true about us, for Him!

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