Friday, June 18, 2021

The World Needs Her (and You and Me)

'The world needs her', 
someone commented on Facebook beneath

Yes, the world needs her; her giving-God-the-glory 
in the gutters-of-joy testimony!
Her God-given gift of reaching into the reader's body 
and pulling, tearing, ripping at our hearts
where Self is too often enthroned. 
Yes, the world needs more of her cry of courage and worship
 in the depths of suffering. Oh yes...

The world needs her
and you and me
A love-one-another
for God designed
each one of us
to fulfill a 
unique purpose
and no one does
not have a place
in the masterplan
of God' s grace

The world needs her
and you and me
A pray-for-
to help us do
the best we can
for no one does 
not have a part
in the Masterplan 
of God's heart

© Janet Martin

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