Saturday, June 12, 2021


On a picture-perfect June Saturday with lots to do
poetry thunders!

A poem, is like a bouquet
Of peonies, soft pink...

Like bud that pulses, pops and spills
In green leaf canopy...

A poem is more than mere verse
More than meter and rhyme
It wrangles feelings into words
Melds common with sublime

It gathers moments that would fade
Without a second thought
Snared from seasons as they parade
Through graces, soon forgot

A poem takes us by the hand,
Nay, tugs at inner strings
Its truth, beauty and love withstands
The ever-change time brings

It courses through the utmost part
Of hearts; steeds, hunger-shod
Always showcasing, with word-art
The majesty of God

It preaches, teaches, reaches where
No naked eye can see
To storm Soul’s sacred thoroughfare
Hinged to eternity

A poem, from life’s ugliness
Of thorns that pierce and prick
Points out the blood-red loveliness
Of Hope’s rose-kindled wick

A poem thunders without sound
Through wonder's speechless gaze
Where wonder is the holy ground
Of worship's flawless praise

A poem, is like a bouquet
Of peonies, soft pink
It cheers a dark and dreary day
With petals made of ink

A poem celebrates the thrills
That fill the earth with glee
Like bud that pulses, pops and spills
In green leaf canopy

Like innocence of little child
Pirates of stolen breath
Where joy and sorrow drive us wild
With birth’s promise of death

Where insecurity and fear
Could smother happiness
Where we are altogether here
By the Creator’s ‘yes

Where, now and then, lest we turn blind
To Hands, (not without scar)
A poem can gently remind
Us how precious we are

© Janet Martin

Because your steadfast love
is better than life,
my lips will praise you!

A few more June joy-praises...

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