Friday, September 4, 2020

Where Waves of Outrage Roar...Reach Out!

Love suffers long and is kind.
1 Cor.13:4
The song below reminds us we all have
the ability and opportunity to do Something!
There is no small Goodness in God's eyes.

It is impossible to sit with idle folded hands,
to clench an angry fist
while reaching out...

Reach out; where waves of outrage roar in darkness and despair
Reach out; let Jesus calm the storm through faith's patience and prayer
Reach out; and be the hands of Jesus in a world of strife
To cheer, to dry the mourner’s tears or dress the wounds of life

Reach out, and do not be confused by views, ignorance-blurred
When Jesus was falsely accused, He answered not a word
But stooped to heal the lame, deaf, blind with tender sympathy
Amidst the plots to frame and fault His kind humility

Reach out; each private kindness One who witnesses, records
Without a pedestal or walls that showcase grand awards
Reach out; without the handicap of partiality
And be the hands and feet that Jesus here on earth would be 
Reach out; we all want God though many think that they do not
Reach out; where waves of outrage roar in merciless onslaught
And be a glimpse of Him in a depraved and broken world
Reach out and be Love's beautiful banner of grace unfurled

Love suffers long and it is kind in spite of blind rebuff
God keeps his promises and in them we all find Enough
To grant the strength and courage to reach out to one in need
And let the love and mercy of The Giver intercede

© Janet Martin

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