Tuesday, September 22, 2020

First Day of Fall Mosaic


Dewy dust drapes dusky sweeps 
Geese-vees perforate yon blue 
Sparser now the cricket cheeps 
Jarring senses with adieu 

Soybean fields unfold mauve mist 
Morning is a frost-kissed barge 
September’s perfect Artist 
Strews masterpieces; no charge 

Longing is a hunter, wild 
September is easy prey 
Vexing, taunting summer’s child 
Torn between ‘let’s roam, let’s stay’ 

Autumn’s advent chills and thrills 
Farewell trembles, bittersweet 
While a fount of petals spills 
Fragrant vagrants at our feet 

Orchard oboes mesmerize 
Apple-dappled rhapsodies 
Steal the sorrow from our sighs 
With annual ecstasies 

Golden rod and gentian 
Wild aster and Sweet Joe Pye 
Flow into roadside gardens 
Like a buffet for the eye 

Like a river none can see 
By a tide of wild wind borne 
Sea-song rushes obscurely 
Through channels of brittle corn 

Warms and seasons comfort foods 
Firesides regain aplomb 
Leaf-lanterns ignite the woods 

© Janet Martin

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